>> The length of motorways in Italy in 2013 is 6,751 kilometres and accounts for little more than 9 percent of the European network.

>> In Italy, in 2013, road freight transport with domestic origin generated approximately 127 billion tonne-kilometres of traffic (+2.6 percent compared with the previous year). In Italy, the ratio between road freight transport and population was 21.1 million Tkm per ten thousand inhabitants, lower than that of its main partners in the euro area.

>> In 2013 the Italian railway network extends 27.5 km per 100,000 inhabitants, with remarkable regional differences. High speed lines account for 5.6 percent of the overall network.

>> Compared with 2012, the car ownership rate in 2012 was slightly decreasing to 608 passenger cars per thousand inhabitants, though remaining one of the highest rates in the Eu28.

>> In Italy the number of road accident deaths keeps falling: in 2013 they were 9.8 percent less than in 2012, corresponding to 56.2 persons per million inhabitants.

>> In 2012, despite a slight contraction, Italy was again the first European country in terms of passengers movements by sea (with over 76.7 million passengers) and became fourth by volume of containers handled (9.3 million Teus).

>> With reference to passenger traffic, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France and Italy are the leading Eu countries in 2013, with over 100 million air passengers each.  Compared with 2012, Italy showed a slight decreasing trend.

>> In 2014, 88.1 percent of employed and 71.8 percent of students use some means of transport, primarily a car, to get to their place of work or study.