>> In 2013 in Italy nearly 6 out of 10 young people aged 20-64 were employed with very marked gender imbalance to the disadvantage of women  and  a gap between employment levels in the Centre and North area and the South and Islands.

>> The employment rate for the population aged 55-64 in 2013 was 42.7 percent, on the rise by 2.3 percentage points compared with 2012 but still lower than the Eu28 average of 50.1 percent. The lowest gender gap was recorded in Valle D’Aosta, the highest in Puglia.

>> Temporary work is decreasing and 13.2 percent of employees have a temporary employment contract, a value that is in line with the European average. Conversely, the share of individuals in part-time employment is increasing and reaches 17.9 percent, mainly thanks to the increase of involuntary part-time. 

>> Italy is characterised by a high inactivity rate  (21.7 percent in 2013). Female inactivity is equal to 26.1 percent or one out of four women seeking employment.

>> In 2013 the unemployment rate reached 12.2 percent, higher than the Eu28 average (10.8 percent), 1.5 percent more than in 2012. The increase affected both the male and female component , though the gap in favour of males is lowering.

>> The unemployment rate of the population aged 15-24 years was 40.4 percent in 2013, 4.7 percent more than in the previous year and higher than the Eu28 average (23.3 percent). In the South and Islands area a peak of 53.7 percent for female unemployment rate was registered.

>> The persistence of unfavourable conditions in the labour market led to a renewed growth in long-term unemployment (i.e. lasting longer than 12 months), the incidence of which rose to 56.4 in 2013. Long-term unemployment in 2013 exceeded 56.1 percent for the male component, thus leading to a substantial realignment of genders.

>> In 2011 the share of irregular full time equivalent units was slightly decreasing and remained stable at 12.0 percent. The South and Islands area recorded the highest incidence of undeclared work in the country, more than double that of the Centre and North areas.