>> In 2013, Italy’s net borrowing decreased to 2.8 percent of Gdp. Among Emu countries, Italy ranked the second, after Germany, for primary balance, and the tenth with regard to the ratio of net debt-to-GDP.

>> Italy remained among the Eu countries with an extremely high debt/Gdp ratio. In 2013 this ratio rose by 5.7 percentage points, and reached 127.9 percent, second only to Greece and Portugal.

>> In 2013 tax burden reached 43.3 percent of Gdp, thus placing Italy sixth among the 28 Eu countries. Compared to major European countries, the Italian value is second only to that of France.

>> In 2013, Government spending in Italy was nearly 13,500 euro per capita, a value slightly higher than the EU28 average, but still lower than that of the major economies of the Union. Regionalised state spending per capita in the Centre and North area confirmed to be higher than in the South and Islands, although the gap between the two geographical areas had reduced.